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I'm a dark fantasy writer. Not everything I write is dark, just my most popular work. So, I know I'm not alone in enjoying this stuff. Most of the time I write what scares me. My stories are my relief valve.  I don't abuse others and don't let them abuse me.

I have a theory: Those who don't accept their darkness can find themselves living in it. How many people do you know in abusive relationships? How many of those accept responsibility? Doesn't it always seem to be someone else's fault?

Wouldn't it be better to be able to say "Yes, I do enjoy being abused AND I'm not going there!" or "You, may abuse me, but by these rules!"  So, I'm a pony!  But, by these rules!


Dog Girls Kennel
Bark all you want Dog Girl.  Nobody knows your down here and when I lock this door, nobody will hear you. Your a dog. This kennel is your home.....get used to it.

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Mary was a pony girl, she would always be a pony girl, a severe form of bondage in which a human is treated as, and trained to be horse. Mary knew she would never be released. Her bit was implanted in her mouth, her cut vocal cords would never speak a human word.  Her hands and feet, now surgically modified hoofs would clop with every step.  This did not keep Mary from being the nastiest, meanest pony girl she could be.  Her first day she broke a grooms leg.

Pony girls are kept in pony bondage at all times. Bitted so they can't bite and hobbled so they can't kick, the only thing worse than being a pony girl was being part of a pony girl team. Hoofs clopping, tail  swishing Mary was led from her stall into the tack room with two other pony girls. Whinnying in fright for visits to the tack room only resulted in more stringent bondage, the pony girls attention was drawn to a set of pony chains built for three. They knew that once secured they would be trained until every movement of their heads, swish of their tails and clop of their hoofs was in faultless synchronization.  A process that would take their entire lives to perfect. Lives spent chained together.

The only thing worse than being part of a pony girl team was being the pony in the center of the "sandwich". The center collar opened up, as Mary was led pulled forward by her reins. Screaming  in panic, a sound more equine than human, she tried to bolt but was stopped short by her hobbled rear hoofs. Her front  hoofs secured in an arm binder harness she couldn't regain her balance, and found herself falling into the open collar. It locked shut with loud click that sealed her fate.

Snorting in anger, her bit digging into her mouth she was pulled by her reins back up to a standing position. The collar clamped around her throat was thick and wide.  Made of stainless steel it was far heavier than the leather posture collar she was used to wearing.  Two identical collars hung from short chains on both sides of her body. She wouldn't be alone for long. She wouldn't be alone ever again.

Their struggles equally in vain, the two pony girls were soon collared and secured on either side of Mary.  The pony girls leather hobbles were soon replaced by two sets of steel ankle cuffs connected by chain.  The three pony girls were now connected together by throat and ankle. The rattle of chains and a few minutes later they were also connected at their chastity belts.

With the sting of a riding crop applied to her right rump Mary's training kicked in and she instinctually started to raise her right hoof. The pony girl on her right feeling her ankle chain tighten immediately began to raise her right hoof. The pony girl on her left did not, sending the three pony girls helplessly off balance.

Disobedience, laziness, clumsiness, and other pony girl sins are immediately punished with pain.  By bit, rein and electric shocks applied via their chastity belts internal plugs, the pony girls struggled to regain their balance without the use of their arms.  

Eventually the pony girls made their way slowly to their stall.  The only thing worse than being part of a pony girl team was being the pony in the center of the "sandwich".  A yank on Mary's bit and the three pony's were sitting shoulder to shoulder on the concrete floor.  A padlock clicked shut securing Mary's ankle irons together and to a ring in the floor.  Another padlock clicked shut at the back of her collar fastening Mary to the wall. Not only was she the "command" pony, she was also the anchor. Mary wasn't going anyplace and neither were the two ponys attached to her.  There wasn't any need to further restrain them. They had far more freedom of movement than Mary and it wasn't lost on Mary that she was getting what she deserved. To make matters worse Mary's team mates were climbing onto Mary trying to nuzzle each other, while ignoring her.

The same shocking mechanism on their chastity belts could also be used in vibrate mode as reward.  That night the pony on Mary's right was stimulated towards orgasm. She had behaved the best, Mary and the pony on Mary's left were receiving shocks.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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